I became interested in plankton while browsing the scientific libraries in Woods Hole. I am drawn to the beauty of the abstract form and fascinated by the portrayal of the data. I am interested in the classifications, the ordering and organization of the groups and gleaning a character, personality, individuality from the organism.  In my aboutstudio, the paintings and drawings develop these traits.  When the radiolaria were lining the walls of my studio I saw them as my protective radiolarian samurai.  The siphonophores are leisurely, elegant, gentle and refined.  The medusae are iconic and private. The hydozoa are colonial, gracious and social.

My drawings and paintings layer a living organism with a diagram of a scientific program through which its environment is analyzed.

The scale of the organism is altered to allow the viewer to see something not normally visible to the naked eye. The graphic data also represents something that is not visible. The combination hopefully reveals a somewhat romantic appeal toward a reconciliation of the two opposing, yet interrelated forms of understanding and representing the world and appreciating a beauty that we abstractly sense rather than see.